i’m ready for ‘hillary’ bumper sticker


 "The bitch is back and in this piece she has employed her little helpers to spread the word ".

Note about “Hillary’s Flying Monkeys” artist: Sabo is a warrior for liberty and founding principles. He attacks the authoritarian marx*st l*beral agenda head on, no apologies displaying the grotesqueness that are these hypocrite demagogues. Tired of l*beral art dominating the culture by the ruling elite and media? Grow a pair and put this art right in the face of your condescending, know it all ‘group think’ friends and family. Show some love and support this brother in the ’cause’ by buying and displaying his art and shirts: http://unsavoryagents.com/  be original, be outspoken, stand and be counted!


I use to primary live in one of most authoritarian top down anti capitalist big gov union welfare illegal alien states: california. I now mostly reside in a ‘red’ state, and I really detest using such definition-less terms, such as red or blue, for they mean nothing of substance. But I digress. What is troubling to this site and it’s authors is the LACK of CRITICAL THOUGHT in the AMERICAN ELECTORATE. I was in my local grocery store and I noticed this woman as I walked by. What I noticed is what I notice often in socal: an older woman (60’s) with what we like to call ‘the dutch cut’ gray hair, nondescript clothing, and a big ol tattoo over her aging plunging neckline, which she proudly displayed. I thought as I passed “when did she get that tattoo? she couldn’t have gotten that in her 20’s or 30’s, maybe 10 years ago? didn’t she realize that would look like crap..maybe she doesn’t care” …I did my business and as I walked to my vehicle I noticed her getting in her car…and what was displayed on the rear window was a “i’m ready for hillary” bumper sticker. I was deflated. I said aloud “ready for hillary..??? I’m not ready for hillary”…with a few colorful remarks and expletives added, of course.

‘feminist’ protesting being “ashamed and ostracized by society” for having a menstrual cycle..honestly, we never even gave your ‘period’ any thought..’false victims in search of a perpetrator’ – we call them ‘psychotic femi-nazi’s’: bow before their uterus or die!

Are we a land of demagogue (liar) lovers now? Does it only take the ‘look’ and ‘name brand’ for us to knee jerk react, protect and defend any thoughtful assessment of a ‘thing’ or a ‘person’? The answer for the masses is ‘yes’. Hillary can’t name one accomplishment that validates her leadership abilities, her ability to write effective law (policy) or even the ability to ‘administrate’. But if I were to start questioning this lady or any other rabid  psycho femi-nazi, I would get the typical obfuscation and logical fallacies by attacking me and the over used tired “you’re a perpetrator making me a victim with your words” tactic.

New York City dwellers, we are told over and over again, have the most advanced minds and are the most astute informed political electorate in the nation. Let’s listen in as Jesse Watters interviews some of these most advanced minds of our society:

jesse watters interviews hillary supporters in new york city book signing

dan bank from o’reilly asks nyc dwellers about benghazi scandal

We, as a country, have become so accustom to believing lies (called ‘misinformation’ now) in our own lives and in the social political realm generally that we are accepting anything that is thrown before us. It’s staggering to those of us that are conscious and aware. We are overwhelmed by it, and that’s part of the design, i.e. to suede the unconscious masses and to overwhelm the critical thinking conscious among us.

Bullcrap you say? Let’s just throw some simple things out there for proof, although I have come to understand that ‘proof’ does not equal persuasion. Nothing can overcome one’s love of a lie. To divest oneself brings what I call ‘the great pain of truth’. Now for some examples:

Every quarter since 2009 we have been told that ‘the economy is on the rebound’. This is utter nonsense. Let’s just take this last quarter for an example: The U.S. government has been spending trillions every year to ‘boost the economy’ and ‘create jobs’. In addition to the money being spent on the books, the Federal Reserve has been printing dollars out of thin air and artificially keeping interest rates very low for banks to borrow, again, in the trillions. Do you know how much a trillion is? After all this spending, borrowing, printing and level pulling, this last quarter GDP when reported, was a negative 1%:

U.S. GDP negative 1% Q1 2014

That’s what we call in financial parlance as a ‘contraction’ of the economy. But if you listen to regular media, ‘the economy is chugging along, but we still have more work to do’. Are you insane? I often make the analogy, for the eco illiterate (which is a ever growing group) or those who have never managed a business or budget: that’s like borrowing 1/3 for your monthly/yearly expenditures and having a negative 1 percent return or profit or earnings. Even when GDP was 1.5 in the positive, that’s still dismal and pathetic for any business. Imagine borrowing and spending thousands and thousands of dollars in your business, year after year and only turning a 1.5% or less return. You would go out of business unless you had a steady stream of ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ money to keep feeding it. You could not even pay the interest on that borrowed money at a 1.5% return. Yet, Americans, buy this ‘lie’ that the economy is ‘on the mend’ because that’s what the electronic box says, that’s what the president says and why not, it’s easier to believe that things are getting better than to actually look at the data ‘critically’ and come to you own conclusion.


Oh, and let’s not forget, after every quarter, our glorious potentate and his administration REVISE the number DOWNWARD. No one in the marx*st media will call his majesty on it. EVER! This quarter was revised a whopping 2 Points downward to a negative 3% growth. We are fiscally insolvent as a nation. do you get that? do you understand what that means? your government doesn’t owe it’s creditors, your government is YOU..you owe that debt!

U.S. GDP revised sharply downward to negative 2.9%

Want another example of a lie you believe as it’s fed to you? Unemployment is getting better. You must be delusional to believe this, for even the federal labor department’s numbers can’t hide this fact, although they try by deception, as always. Take a look at the the chart below: note what should be reported is the U6 statistic, but never is. That puts real unemployment at for May 2014 at 12.2%!! This is depression era unemployment. Just the lie that this administration spit out after it’s “spend on more government policies” were enacted and initially showed dismal results in job growth, we were told ‘this is a jobless recovery’ and of course regurgitated by the sycophant media.

                                                              UE chart 2014-06-09 at 1.17.07 AM

Jobless recovery? Must I disseminate the ludicrousness of this statement? It breaks the law of ‘non contradiction’. By definition, an economic recovery is growth (expansion) in wealth, business, resources and of course, labor (which is a resource).  But the drones took this as the ‘new wisdom’ because we all know, a first black president could never lie, nobility and good character not to mention good policy is intrinsic to skin pigmentation.

I could list example after example including “you can keep you doctor”, “it will create new jobs” “this will help the middle class”, “this will help working people” as the banter of ‘one liner lies’ that trigger an inability for the typical mind numb drone to think critically.

So when I see a bumper stick in 2014 for an obvious inept carpetbagging professional bureaucrat that has one of the most shady and scandalous records to boot – I am deflated, for it exemplifies that we are truly a nation on the decline, a nation of drones that have, for whatever reasons, found the truth detestable and yet love lies, and liars. A nation of ‘crowd pleasers’ that characterize anyone that thinks critically, asks objective questions and understands that ‘absolutes’ exist are characterized as: ‘deniers’, ‘haters’ ‘racists’ and of course ‘perpetrators’. These are the same people that believe somehow that a sagging tattoo on your breast is somehow ‘attractive’ or ‘expressive’ and that hillary is, somehow, by default, a good leader, a profound administrator and of course “the smartest women in the world”.

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